Doug Goes Retro Active

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Getting your Bardot on!

The concept I was after in this photo shoot was to develop retro looks that are timelessly hip and glamorous. I have the inspiration and passion at times to create hair designs from modern to retro, and photography shoots that recapture parts of history.

My current passion has taken me and my production team, including models, on a journey into the past. A time of high fashion, glamour, peace and love, great music, color and inspiration. It was a decade of social change dominated by the youth of the 50's 60's and 70's.

We finished the journey into the past, with the era of sexy style and grace made famous in the fifties by the fabulous Brigitte Bardot. She was the French, singer, actress and activist who cultivated "The Bombshell Look" and started it all.

Bardot was ahead of her time! Her hair, her makeup and her figure. She was and is the ultimate icon and inspiration.

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See you soon in Bali!

Doug Gordon

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