The Gypsy Spirit

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Bohemians are simply artists. Like Gypsies, they create a mystical and uniquely inspired colorful lifestyle, a look that is coming back in fashion. I've been doing Gypsy and Bohemian hair and photography for years.

I wanted to do a special project with the help of my beautiful talented Gypsy queen and production manager, Amy Radzik. We have been and will be working on a of a collection of images all summer called “The Gypsy Spirit”. I look at this bohemian style as a state of mind and evolution as a global awareness of the world, rich colorful flavors of many cultures coming together.

The Gypsy Bohemian look started back at the turn of the century, but it was during the fashion and music of the 60’s and 70’s that it seemed to be making a comeback into the hearts of the fashion world. Not as hippie but as “Boho-Chic,” a gypsy inspired look. It can be seen in recent images of many celebrities that portray the Bohemian style.

You can look like a rock groupie from the sixties or go more glam, not super-sloppy but chic, mixing the old with the new to find your own unique style. A Modern Bohemian and Gypsy Spirit is unconventional. They celebrate life and have a positive attitude. They enjoy a mix of ethnic textiles and patterns, they love sexy messy hair and colored bracelets, scarves and long earrings and jewelry essentials that will define your image and personality.

Gypsy shag haircuts were very popular in 70s and they made a huge comeback this season. The New Gypsy shag hairstyle can be created on any hair length, you just need to keep in mind few rules and be sure you will have smashing look.

The main detail in Gypsy haircut is layering, mainly shaggy layering. The number of layers is very important. The more shaggy layers, the better your gypsy haircut will look. This trick will be more suitable for thick hair. If you are blessed with natural curly or wavy hair, your hairstyle will look even more glamorous.

Next important factor in gypsy shag haircut is volume. A product tip or two: Bumble & bumble “City Swept” is perfect for texture and separation and sheen, and I love “Dryspun Finish’ from Bumble for that airy weightless full sexy messy hair.

Your Gypsy haircut will be an amazing complement to any outfit. It can transform into a sleek hairstyle or a glamorous wavy look. For adding texture, use your one inch curing iron grab parts of your hair, making wavy curls just mid-shaft to the ends.

For long hair, create full loose ponytail or messy braid also use a headband or colorful scarf this summer.

Have fun getting your Bohemian and Gypsy Spirit going and making it your own... Imagine That!

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